Born in Pärnu, Estonia. Completed Pärnu Sütevaka School of Humanities at 2001. Went to study computer science at the University of Tartu. Got my BSc in 2005 and MSc in 2007. Currently I am a PhD student, researching privacy-preservation in data processing.
I work in Cybernetica AS as a researcher.
My main hobby is creating computer games. In addition I help organise lanparties in Estonia and perform tournament organiser duties for Magic: The Gathering tournaments.
My noteworthy achievements include the locally popular online game DarkSide Tetris: The Second Block, the Qure Data Management System developed at Quretec and the Sharemind privacy-enhancing technology.
About me
Name: Dan Bogdanov, MSc
Area: computer science
School: University of Tartu, PhD student
Work: Cybernetica AS
Hobbies: computer-, card- and ball games
Contact me at:
E-mail: dan ät bmonde net
            dan ät cyber ee
Skype: danbogdanov
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